Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw

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Anonymous asked: Okay so um hey, I really like all 3 of the house blogs but I don't know why the others don't post as much as you, especially Slytherin...

Lack of time, of interest, they got bored/tired of it… Mostly I think it’s because looking for quotes takes a lot of time, and it’s really hard to find new ones since we’ve pretty much posted the majority of the good ones already. That, and the fact that they have both been really busy with school and other things.

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The Magic Begins - 5 - Favourite house/your house.


Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you’ve a ready mind; where those of wit and learning will always find their kind.”

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Hey. I made a Shit Ravenclaws say video. Watch it maybe?

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Anonymous asked: Your blog is amazing, everything you post is nice at looks and great at meaning. Thank you sincerely for making and keeping this blog. You are a pure Ravenclaw and if you were a character in Harry Potter, I'm sure you would have been a main character, because you are awesome and because I love you! Focus on your studies, don't put pressure on yourself, and hmm.. Stay awesome <33

YOU are awesome, and so very kind. You have no idea how much this message means to me. It made me smile and tear up a bit, not going to lie. Thank you SO MUCH for this, seriously, and for the support and love. It’s very, very appreciated. <3

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little things that make life better | books

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Just a small note about this blog.

I know things have been terribly slow lately, and I’m really sorry about that.
Unfortunately, I ran out of quotes and I haven’t had the time to look for more. And on top of that, I only have less than two weeks left of school and everyone’s gone bonkers with mid terms, oral presentations and whatnot. So it looks like I’ll be pretty busy for the next two weeks or so.

I will try my best to make some banners during this weekend, providing that I can find more quotes, that is (remember that submissions are always welcomed!). And I’ve also been meaning to change my theme, so I’ll see if I have time to do that, too.

As a final note, if any of you guys makes/has made Ravenclaw gifs and/or graphics, please send me a link so I can reblog them, so my blog won’t look like it’s been abandoned. :P 

Thank you in advance and I have a good day!

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